Objective Painting

Week two was painting. This was good for me, I love painting as this site probably shows. I enjoyed week two but it wasn’t my favourite, I preferred the construction, but thats probably because I was still settling into the class and surroundings on week two.

The setup in the studio was very busy with lots of random objects placed in a group together for us to study. The project was about observation and composition with the aim to produce a final painting by the end of the week.

The painting itself was so fun. Its nice getting lost in a painting not even realising the time passing. I was still in amazement during week two that I was actually at art school and that I get to stand and paint as my education. I think I’m still amazed to be here, I never thought it would happen.

I got really into this project and ended up doing two paintings. Both have very different palettes, I think I prefer the second one though I had less time to do it.

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