Work in Progress

This week I’m doing Construction. I’ve been dreading this project since I found out about it, I’m quite inexperienced with sculpture and was panicking about how to go about the project. The brief instructs us to find objects and create an installation using these found objects to communicate an idea. This all seemed very intimidating to me.

I went to Tayside Recyclers looking for materials, with no idea what I was planning to do. After much haggling over the worth of objects, I came out with 12 broken phones and an old mirror.

A quick study of some of my found objects ^

I never really understood this sort of sculpture before when visiting exhibitons. However, this week has opened my eyes to how much meaning these found objects can have when arranged in a specific way. I criticised Yoko Ono for her ”Telephone Piece’, but actually although on first glance it looks so simple, the idea behind it is quite interesting and thought out.

“In relatively recent times, artists have liberated an immense vocabulary of materials, objects, environments, concepts, and activities from the non art world, for use as parts of a rich language capable of expressing the most complicated ideas and emotions.” – Tony Cragg

My piece is about confusion. The many phones and tangled wires represent thoughts, an overactive mind due to all the change thats been happening lately. If 12 phones ring at once, which do you answer? Theres just so much going on and so much to consider that it gets too much to process at once. I think the phones represent this quite well.

I’m still constructing it at the moment, the shop don’t have the glue I need and I’m quickly running out of time. I still have two days to go though so fingers crossed. I’ll post pictures of it when its all done.

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