There is no ‘Right Track’

But I think I’m on it.

It’s 4 weeks into the semester and I’m having so much fun. Things are just working. I had a meeting with my tutor Graham Fagon this week, he’s been very encouraging to talk to so far. I explained to him my ideas and the things I wanted to do this semester, he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about my plans which is always quite motivating. I’m hoping to have a little collection of work by the end of the semester as opposed to just one final piece. So I’m actually working on 4 or 5 different pieces at the moment. Although related in theme and style, the medium and aesthetic will vary.

Today, I finished the grid for my bottle project. This is a very exciting development. Having been in woodwork all week I’ve spent most of the afternoon scratching at my hands getting paranoid about skelfs. It was oddly satisfying when at half past 5 today I pulled a 2mm splinter of wood out of my palm.


I did a little test run, attaching it to the wall and arranging the 84 bottles. I’ve not yet tried the contact lenses in the piece yet and there are a couple of other accompanying factors to create before this ‘Everything I’ve Ever Seen’ work is complete. But the work is steady and so far successful.

I’m also planning to work with a pair of binoculars I acquired last year. After all that musing on the irrational stowing of emotion within an object, I started covering some of the objects I had lying around in paper. It’s kind of a ‘presentation vs. preservation’ thing. Why do we keep things? For the aesthetic and purpose, or to preserve something more abstract?

I’m thinking about casting these binoculars, so I can play about with multiples of them. In my head I see shelves of the same object, covered in paper. It’s such an interesting shape to work with. I don’t want to damage the binoculars though. They date back to 1918 and WWI. First thing Monday morning I’m heading down to Sculpture to figure out my options.

So yeah there’s no specific track I should be on right now. But I’m making work and I’m loving it.

Today I Made Stuff

Or tried to.

I’m working on a structure to display my little bottles of contact lenses, for my ‘obsessive sentimentality’ project. The case has to be similar to a thimble case but be able to hold 84 bottles. So I thought I’d whip one up in the workshop.

Mondays attempt took half the day and I ended up pounding it with a mallet til it cracked and broke. Today I tried again using beech instead of MDF. The beech is a harder wood and just ‘nicer’ really. It worked a lot better, but theres still a couple of problems with the backboard to sort out. Its eyeopening making things like this by hand. I would have bought one from a shop without a passing thought for design or manufacturing. When presented with the need to make something from scratch, you realise how much you don’t know about anything…

That sounds depressing, but it’s a good thing really. I think.

So yeah, its a sort of slot together grid piece. Woodwork gets frustrating because often measurements can be even just a millimetre short of accurate, due to thick pencil lines or inconsistency in sawing, and this affects the whole success of the piece. Theres been a few dramatic ‘This isn’t working. I want to die.’ moments. A wood workshop is a bad place to have these thoughts… But it’ll all work out by tomorrow hopefully 🙂


It’s good being back in the wood workshop, I like just zoning out and getting on with the task at hand. Having thought through that previous sentence, I probably shouldn’t zone out when operating a band saw.


Such satisfaction when the strips slotted together today, there was no such luck on the first attempt yesterday. I hope second times a charm… I don’t want to be making this one thing all week. I have so many ideas this semester, I want to just go.