Fun A Day

hiFriday night saw the exclusive exhibition of work from Fun A Day Dundee, 2013. This was a project where the objective was to make a piece of work a day for each day in January, and to have FUN. And so we did.

My piece consisted of 31 acetate frenetic texts placed over 31 moleskin pages with colour coded squares of what I did that day. The result is actually quite a personal piece, which I’m not sure I like. I felt slightly exposed with it just hanging there.

A worthwhile show though and I’m not gonna ditch the piece. I definitely feel it should be altered in some way though.


Fun a Day





It was January in the (new) year, 2013

31 type on acetate and 31 coloured pencil on moleskin squared paper









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Today started with accidentally pouring boiling water over my hands in the process of making the morning coffee. This day is very much on a knife edge. Plus side; I completed my submission for an upcoming exhibition entitled 6×4″.

The exhibition calls for the submission of artist designed postcards and will take place some time in February I think. More information when I know!

In the meantime. Hiya, here are my four 6×4 text/collages on acetate.

pc1     pc2

pc3      pc4

These kind of revert back to a style I haven’t worked in for a while. Although my work is always nostalgic and sentimental, these have that ‘older’ aesthetic I used to rely on so much. I’m glad my work has moved on, but this was a little personal piece I wanted to work on for the 6×4 exhibition.

The collages include map pages from a found second-hand atlas, doilies from a hotel I stayed at in Paris, an old photograph of my Mother’s parents, and typed repetitive phrases.

Ah where would I be without my nostalgic dreamings…?



‘Frenetic’ is my new favourite word. I’ve been slipping it into conversations at intervals over the last couple of weeks and wondering if people actually know what I’m talking about.


Fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way: “a frenetic pace of activity”.

I couldn’t sleep a couple of weeks ago. This isn’t uncommon for me, but there was one particularly awful Saturday night. I found myself awake at 4am knowing I wasn’t going to be granted any dream time. I got my project book out with the intention to make some more unrealistic to do lists or another elaborate sketch of a farfetched idea. Instead I started writing. Just writing. No stop for consideration, just impulsive words on paper. Mostly the same phrase over and over, with some sporadic moments of varied expression.

When Monday showed its face, I still had this phrase in my head. And the typewriter came out. Brilliant. Sitting on the floor of the studio with black coffee and pounding keys is good therapy. And you can sometimes make some art out of it.


Perhaps the writing is a physical representation of my overactive mind. Thoughts go round and round, every event gets analysed and scrutinised in detail.

I don’t like obviously confessional art. I don’t wish to submit a diary entry. Thats too easy for people to just get facts and nothing else. I like the ambiguity of the frenetic typing. I don’t want to tell you a story, but I want you to wonder what the story is about. I’m still expressing thoughts and relaying events personal to me, you maybe just don’t have a clue what I’m on about. And I like that.

I spieled for a good 48cm last week resulting in, ‘On Wednesday the 7th of November’, an object/text combination piece, I don’t really want to explain that one.


Capsules 4, 5 & 6

Some more boxes anyone?

I’ve had to go into uni before 9am every morning to switch on the little lights inside each capsule. Nothing like rolling out of bed at 8 in the morning and pounding down Perth Road to ‘Yellow Submarine’. It’s good, cause it gets me up early so I can spend today doing Undiscovered Landscape work… and watching The Big Bang Theory…

Number 4 was fun to make. It includes a piece of driftwood, some curled up leaves and three boxes of spent matches. Again this comments on the passage of time with the objects inside all having been used or changed over time. I sat in the studio and burned through the first box of matches, but they kicked me out to do the second and third, apparantly it caused some paranoia amongst tutors. In fairness, I am very clumsy, so there was probably a good chance of me setting the building alight.

It was a lot more difficult than I’d assumed, installing shelves and making things balance and hang in all of the capsules. Circles have proved to be relatively awkward shapes to work with.



Its actually a miracle that everything in Capsule 5 is secured and staying together. Theres hidden metal rods, masking tape, double sided tape and an extensive amount of glue. The spools are from a used typewriter ribbon. I threaded through a new ribbon of paper, with my own scribbled signature written continuosly throughout. This was a comment habit, rhythm and memory. Our hands instictively scrawl a signature without thinking about the words, it becomes its own image, a label.

Continuing the idea of text as image, and writing certain things out of habit, I have continued the use of ‘filler text’ this semester. This is text that is used in typing-excercises, usually nonsense but it always amuses me that it becomes rhythm and sticks in peoples heads. I also find that what is nonsense text in the context of a typing manual, becomes apparantly signifficant when used in an artwork. When seen within this box, one might read it with the fluidity of a poem, considering the meaning, when really the original intention was nothing to do with a narrative.

Another aspect of the uniformity between capsules is the little golden plaque on the door of each. The plaque shows a hyroglyphic symbol corresponding to the number of each box. This encourages the collaberation and layering of knowledge and multiple subject matter, that was seen in the old encyclopedias. The numbers provide another aspect of this and also emphasises the idea of documentation and presentation.


I kind of think of the final presentation of this piece as an installation with little assemblages throughout. The desk, the suitcases and the drawer are important aspects of this piece just as the capsules are.

Theres so much in this project. Little details, some that aren’t even seen. Scraps, images and tokens, that have been given signifficance. Hopefully the viewer can observe and appreciate this, constructing their own relationships from it and enjoying the aesthetics overall. You tell me…



Text and Image

Its strange coming home to Falkirk where the heatings always on and the fridge is stocked with vegetables and fresh food, as opposed to being in a cold flat in Dundee with nothing but a can of beer and some out of date ham when you open the fridge door. I do love that flat, but its comforting to come home every so often. I finish at 1 o’clock on lecture days so me and my flatmate headed back to Falkirk pretty much straight after that. I found the lecture today pretty interesting.

Text and Image was the subject. Text is often a main feature in conceptual art and something I want to think more about over the next few weeks. The tutor focused on a few examples of ways text is incorporated into art. I found the idea of ‘enigmatic sentences’ the most effective. Often the text is the art itself rather than being combined with image, it becomes the image. Take this example by Stefan Bruggemann.

This is one of the only images I could find. Its a little hard to read but through the opening it says




We talked about this a fair bit and there were many questions raised. What can’t the artist explain? Or is it the sentence itself that can’t explain? Who is ‘I’?  Could the two ‘I’s refer to different things? One sentence or two? Is it art that can’t be explained? Or is it just something too painful to explain, so why try?

This piece conjures up so many questions and encourages the viewer to really think about what the artist meant and what it means personally. The simple black text against the white wall is bold and ensures that the focus is on the meaning of the words. Therefore this would be classed as an enigmatic sentence.

We also talked about extended text. When the text is not a short bold statement but a longer piece of text, the viewer spends more time reading it to understand it. This made me think of some work I saw when I was in Paris over the summer. It was by the anonymous group of feminine artists the Guerrilla Girls.

This piece was made after the group visited the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and counted the number of naked females featuring in artworks aswell as naked males. They then counted the number of work by female artists against male artists. Their realisation was that only 3% of the modern art in the museum was by female artists, and yet 83% of the nudes were female. Although their cause is serious, addressing the issue of inequality particularly within the art world, they keep their work humorous. Keeping the tone of the work light does not dilute the message though. This is a piece that stayed in my mind after visiting the Pompidou Centre in Paris, a good example of thought provoking extended text as art.

I’ve gone off on a tangent now. I guess I just wanted to divert away from the idea that artwork always has to be straight images. It can include text, be made from text, or just simply be text alone.

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