Symbols and Symbolism

‘Symbols and Symbolism’ is an exhibition currently in the Lower Foyer Gallery of the art college. It’s on until the 28th of March and is worth a look at. Yes, my work is in it, hence my promotion but theres also variety of other work there, from tutors and students in a variety of disciplines.

The exhibition focuses on ‘an exploration into the use of objects and images in art and the everyday, as a means of communication’. I think my art fits this concept quite well. I use objects a lot and my work usually has a heavier idea behind it. I try to communicate these ideas without throwing it in the face of the viewer. I want them to be interested and get a ‘feeling’ from my work. But I don’t necessarily want them to know what it’s about. My work is often personal, but rarely confessional.

I submitted a taster of my binoculars for this exhibition. Its a little assemblage of four of the replicas, the empty binocular case and a framed text piece.

It’s great seeing your own work presented in an exhibition as opposed to piled in the studio. I always try and keep my space kind of clear and formal so I can see my work in context.

So yeah, check it out!