My Goal For Today

Today I will figure out how to work my new camera.

Can it be called ‘new’ if its 30+ years old?

I found this in my loft last week while having a good scavenge through piles of old newspapers, boxes of lego and bin bags full of my beanie baby collection. What a treasure. It belonged to my Grandad and then my Dad. Anyone who knows me will understand my excitement, I’m a sucker for old remnants with a history.

I’ve always had a vague desire for an SLR, it kind of suits me perfectly that my first one would be a film camera as opposed to a digital. Considering my nostalgic personality and fascination with old things, this is kind of perfect.

But I’m not a photographer. I take photos. I love photos. But ordinarily I can never be bothered finding out the in-depth workings of a camera. So this is a challenge.

I bought a spool of film in Edinburgh last week. Its so weird that £3.99 buys you 36 photos and then you have to go get them developed, whereas an SD card for a digital camera allows unlimited storage and removal for like a tenner. I’m going to have to be very precious with my shots. I’m thinking a photo a day is a good system.

…If I ever get it up and running.

Photo Time

Actually every time is photo time. I take too many photos. As anyone who knows me will have noticed. I’m the creep who snaps you when you aren’t looking and takes still lives of every meal she eats. I probably take an average of 5 photos a day. So although I’ve basically completed my practical work for this semester, making sketchbooks is going to be quite a tedious process. I always have a photo book to go alongside my installations. I think the installation and the photographs of the installation are separate things in themselves, both with nice qualities, and both with merit to be displayed. So now I have the long task of editing and selecting, and then that horrible final job of double-sided taping them all down.

Nothing to do but get it done.

Here’s some snaps of my metalwork closeup…


Not long to go til the deadline. Why am I not more stressed out right now? Since when am I a chilled person…?

Fresh Air

It’s good to get out. Christmas holidays always tend to drag on a bit towards the end. Having finished my Christmas temp. job and not having a set project for going back, the last couple of days have been a bit bland.

So I took a trip to Loch Lomond today. The weather is still frightful of course, the loch had risen right up to the banks, but that wasn’t gonna’ stop the trek. There were a few other people taking walks, adorned in anoraks and hiking boots. I received a couple of amused looks at my patent leather boots, beret, and faux fur coat. But I bet I was warmer than they were.

It’s nice up there. A nice place to breath. Clean air, inspiring scenery and water on your face always provides a good wake up.

The trees are getting totally drowned in this weather. It was strange to see after having visited the same place in the summer, when the water was flat-calm and plants thriving.

I like taking photos. I always use it as a means of recording, in my artwork. I’ve never given it real time to study what camera I should be using, or what settings are best for what scene. I just like to snap-happy and thats enough for me right now. Maybe it will be something I look into in the future.

Trees Are Boring (?)

Another edition of ‘vague rambles at 1am’…

I’ve never really drawn a tree. I suppose I could. I could scribble some branches and indicate some leaves. But, to draw a tree would really be quite boring. I appreciate that each leaf is different, but not different enough to hold my attention span. How many leaves does a tree even have in Autumn? I saw that old five thousand year old Yew tree a few weeks ago, that was pretty cool. But generally I regard trees with little extended interest.

So I went a walk last week to take some photos of trees at night, just to see if I could find anything worth thinking about. Our project is Landscape and I wanted to focus on a really common aspect of our environment, something we walk past. When you think about it, trees are documents of a world we’ll never know, anchors that stay intact throughout history. Maybe I should be more interested? This isn’t about tree-hugging or anything to do saving the planet really. I just want to admire what surrounds me. Usually I look down when I walk, so when I went my jaunt the other night I held my camera to the sky.

On my way up a street towards a destination that I never even made it to, there were these lines of trees. Each had been invaded by the solid lines and bright lights of a streetlamp. They were on fire. Ok. so they weren’t really on fire, but that was the effect given. Balls of light ulluminating textures and tones of the sky. That, I could appreciate.

I got bored.

So I took photos. Of incense. Yay.

I’m totally choking from all the smoke and can’t actually breathe but ohwell. Basically its just an incense burner in front of my black bed sheet, but it kept me occupied for an hour or so. I’m probably gonna do something painty with them 🙂

I like watching smoke, as weird as that sounds. I’ve been taking an art break the past few weeks, just having fun in Dundee with the flatmates, but I’d like to start a wee project now that I’m back in Larbert 🙂

By the way, I passed first year and got accepted into 2nd year Fine Art. Yay.

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You take the high road…

Last week was bad. I just had no inspiration at all and was generally just in a strange mood which does affect the work. It shall now be known as The-Week-We’ll-Never-Mention-Again.

And now I can move on 🙂

Went a trip to Loch Lomand today, its lovely up there. Fresh air helped clear my head a bit. My dad says we should climb one of the big hills there sometime, I think that would be fun. I took a few photos today but they really don’t do the landscape justice. I’m thinking I’d like to base a painting on this at some point. Just an idea.

Feel I’m ready to dive into next weeks ‘The Seeing Body’ project now. It’ll be my first official Fine Art project, so thats exciting. Tis a 3 week project, it’ll be less of a rush and I can develop it more that usual. I’ve got a couple of ideas but nothing fully formed yet. I’ll need to get some Dr Pepper and sit down and brainstorm. 🙂

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Hello world!

I’m Rachael, and I like paint.

I’ve spent the last year locked in my room, sitting on my floor and working on my portfolio. And as a result of my hard work, I got into art school! 🙂

So although I’m now practically sick of looking at this years portfolio, I’ve decided to post it online. I’m hoping to continue this through art school, posting both work in progress and completed pieces.

Starting at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art is a big step for me, I’ll be living in a new city where I know barely anyone. Did I mention I’m not good with meeting new people? So, along with posts of artwork, I’ll be using ‘Paint Me Sunny’ as an outlet for personal blog posts.


That’s me with Mr Kodak 🙂