84 Eyes

I’ve written previously about sentimentality, and attaching affection and memory to a material object. This surrounds a lot of the work I’m doing this semester. Obsessive Sentimentality.

Let me tell you a story. I went to Paris in the Summer of 2010. I saw everything. I saw Matisse and Rothko, a perfect sunset on top of the Arc de Triomphe, quaint towns and monumental architecture. And when it came to throwing my monthly contact lenses away at the end of July, I just couldn’t.

Which is stupid. It is completely irrational behaviour to allow these pieces of plastic that have been sitting on my eyeballs for a month, to have some kind kind of lasting power. If I lost the knackered old lenses, would I lose the visions of what I’ve seen? No. But its somehow a comfort having them. There’s a feeling that memory just isn’t enough.

So sometimes I keep my lenses. Because I can’t not.

I’ve worn 84 pairs of contact lenses. I keep some and remember them all. And I allow them to represent everything I’ve ever seen. Am I crazy? Perhaps… Certainly an obsessive sentimentalist. But I could make some art of this.


La Défense

This is the final outcome of my summer project. These tiles were done in about two hours on the Sunday night before the Monday deadline. Thats a little bit lazy I know, but I did keep a sketchbook/diary thing all summer, so the research was still there. Just needed that little bit of pressure towards the end. If I’d given it more time, they would have been a lot sleeker and better crafted.

So basically I printed some Paris photos on sheets of acetate, sliced them up and collaged them onto ceramic tiles. Fun times. Was very glue-ey, went through a lot of UHU…its the all-purpose adhesive! 🙂


Well I made a start. In one motivated hour I ripped open a canvas, selected a photograph from Paris and just painted. Pretty good start I think. And I feel better now knowing I have something to work on. It was starting to drive me crazy.

This is the photograph I’m working from at the moment, and memory aswell. It was this amazing area in Paris, the architecture was just breathtaking. I don’t even know what purpose these buildings served but the structures themselves were fantastic. So I’ll see what I can do with it.

I’ve had a great week actually, so this starting of the project just makes my mood even better. In Edinburgh Monday, out in Dundee Tuesday, out for dinner Thursday and the cinema today. So been pretty busy. Piranha in 3D was the film I saw today. I dunno if it was the amount of icecream I had or the fact that 75% percent of the film was blood and mutilated bodies, but I left the cinema feeling rather queasy. Still a good day though.

So lets hope this positivity sticks. 🙂
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J’ ♥ Paris

Bonjour! nah. Hiya.

I’m back from Paris and it was amazing. Someday I’ll learn french and go back there to spend more time. It was just my kind of place. So much to see and do, and the art! 😀 ahh. The only thing better than sunset on top of the Arc de Triomphe is Mocha on top of the Louvre. Love.



And now for my beret story in which I lose a beret. I bought a beret…if anyones surprised at this they clearly don’t know me. But then I left it on the Paris underground in a moment of public transport panic, I always worry the doors gonna close when I’m halfway through, its a great fear of mine. So now theres a black beret circulating under the city of Paris, its nice really. After a tearful and sleepless night I got a new beret the next day. Aren’t you glad you took the time to read that?

This is me getting all arty and exciteable. It was great seeing all the original artwork of things I’d been learning about all year at art school, finally I know what Louise Johnstone is talking about.

I did take a few too many photos though…975 to be exact, there was just lots of nice things. Dont know how many there must be of the Eiffel Tower, you can see it from all over Paris, I must have taken its picture at every angle and distance.

The five days we were in Paris felt like weeks, we fit so much into each day, my legs were aching with the walking. But it was great. However, I still seem to be tired and I’m going camping tomorrow. Off to bed for me. Night.

Oh and I also got a pretty cool pocket watch. Yay.

a year of PMS?!

Yes its exactly what it sounds like. Its been just over a year now since the beginning of Paint Me Sunny. Aren’t we all excited?

This is rather a short post since I’m leaving for Paris in like an hour and should probably be doing other things such as looking for my sunglasses. But just a quick update to mention that I’ve started my summer project and will hopefully have some stuff thrown together by the end of August. Time to be positive and just go for it.

I’ll leave you with this image of my desk for no other reason than it makes me smile. This was the desk in my room up until a few months ago and I used to scribble all over it. Yay.

And now I say “au revoir” and if I don’t come back with a new beret I won’t be happy. 🙂

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