The Changing Room

After my deadline I had a week of Professional Practice. I’d arranged some volunteer work at a contemporary art gallery in Stirling, ‘The Changing Room’. I just want to keep learning. My 2012 resolution was to keep going and get things done, and thats what I intend to do.

The experience of the work placement was so valuable and I’m happy I’ll be going back there again at the end of this month. It was the installation of a printmaking exhibition I was helping out with. They gave me a fair bit of responsibility and I got very involved in all aspects of putting on a show, from issues of insurance to measuring out where the prints were to go.

‘The Writing on Your Wall’ is a travelling exhibition of print works and is on show in Stirling until the 26th of May. Go see it at the Changing Room and compliment me on my expert ability of hanging a picture straight. 😉

Having not slept properly toward the lead up to my deadline and having walked all round Glasgow on the Monday of that week, I was pretty much exhausted after spending Tuesday – Friday installing this exhibition. But its a good feeling of adrenaline when you’re on the move so much.

Getting some real gallery experience has got me properly thinking about what I want to do after I graduate and what aspect of Fine Art I want to work in. There’s so much to consider. This will be the main issue of worry in my head this summer. Here we go.


Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

So our deadline was the 23rd of March. After staying up til 4am the night before, and running into the uni for 8am to position my sketchbooks in my final setup, all I really wanted to do was crash. But there was a bus scheduled at 9 that morning to take us on a day trip to Glasgow. And Rachael doesn’t say ‘no’ to free arting.

Aside from being partially zombified and having to nip away to refuel with coffee every hour and a half, the day was well worth it. We were escorted around Glasgow, hitting all the best art spots. A particular highlight of my day/life was Jeremy Deller’s  ‘Sacrilege’, an inflatable replica of Stonehenge pitched on Glasgow Green for the public to bounce on. Amazing. I haven’t felt so giddy in ages. Ah…Art…how I love thee.

The day just got better from there. At the Modern Institute I discovered Paul Thek, an artist I hadn’t really heard of before and who is now definitely on my list to research. At the Mitchell Library I observed an ‘Art Lending Library’. At Glasgow School of Art I said hello to old Charles and his pals. At GoMA I resisted the urge to jump into Karla Black’s mattress of sawdust (possibly due to sleep deprived state?). I also tried Quorn and rediscovered a love of Mocha Latte.



A fantastic end to studio practice, I must say. I would advise anyone to take a look at whats going on at the GI Festival. My summary of it is probably a bit lacklustre in comparison to whats really happening there right now.