Advice to anyone working in a metal workshop. After welding two large strips of metal together, do not proceed to rest your palm on the point of contact. It hurts.

Also… If this does happen, don’t try to ‘be strong’ and carry on working, run it under some cold water.

Otherwise you’re just being an idiot. Like me.

I did eventually wander back to the studio, to chill it and craft a make-shift bandage out of scrap canvas and masking tape. That’ll do.

My hands are actually a wreck right now. They’re sore, burnt, bloody, my fingertips are permanently black from the metalwork, little splinters of wood litter my palms from woodwork and theres tiny little scratches generally all over. (Plus, I sliced my finger open yesterday while making an apple pie. This did not help). Battlewounds? I do enjoy being dramatic… Suffering for my art and all that… Not quite Marina Abramović style just yet.

I ran away from the workshop before the technician found out about this incident. It was a very stupid mistake and I want to at least appear like I know what I’m doing. So my productivity slowed down after this little event today. But tomorrow is sculpture day! I’m planning to go down to the plaster room and make multiples of my old binoculars. I was advised that to cast the originals would severely damage them. Soooo, that means I have to make a clay replica of them. I haven’t used clay since I ‘sculpted’ a depiction of my cat when I was 9. It was pretty sweet. Clay is such a manipulable substance, a lot of fun to use but easy to get impatient with I think. It’s just the basic shape I’m recreating in clay, I plan to cover the binoculars in paper so what’s visible will be just the silhouette.

I think the plan is to pop the clay into the kiln, create a cast of the finished model and then produce about 20 or so replicas of the binoculars. Then I’ll cover each in old text and arrange them on shelves, hiding the original pair somewhere in the arrangement. Eee I can’t wait to get on with starting another aspect of this project. Tomorrow better be a good day.