My Goal For Today

Today I will figure out how to work my new camera.

Can it be called ‘new’ if its 30+ years old?

I found this in my loft last week while having a good scavenge through piles of old newspapers, boxes of lego and bin bags full of my beanie baby collection. What a treasure. It belonged to my Grandad and then my Dad. Anyone who knows me will understand my excitement, I’m a sucker for old remnants with a history.

I’ve always had a vague desire for an SLR, it kind of suits me perfectly that my first one would be a film camera as opposed to a digital. Considering my nostalgic personality and fascination with old things, this is kind of perfect.

But I’m not a photographer. I take photos. I love photos. But ordinarily I can never be bothered finding out the in-depth workings of a camera. So this is a challenge.

I bought a spool of film in Edinburgh last week. Its so weird that £3.99 buys you 36 photos and then you have to go get them developed, whereas an SD card for a digital camera allows unlimited storage and removal for like a tenner. I’m going to have to be very precious with my shots. I’m thinking a photo a day is a good system.

…If I ever get it up and running.

Getting There

Its a great feeling when everything starts to click in a project. This week I’ve been working on a video and adapting my space to project the film onto it. I’ve changed my piece a lot over the past few days, its never good to be too precious about work, its better to keep going and changing it till its doing what you want.

The projection looks really good against the screens I put together with old blinds and maps. I cut into some of the maps to make a layered effect and added some more transparant materials so that the projection becomes a bigger part of the piece rather than just a straightforward film shown on one wall.

The film footage is simply from a train journey where I held the camera steady up at the window. I then used the art schools media lab to cut and edit the film into a more creative sequence. Its pretty cool how the layers and different materials of the box-like structure manipulate the projection, making it more 3-dimensional.

Its hard to capture the piece with photographs, it really is meant for interaction, for people to walk around and to go into the box and sit down. But this will have to do for now.

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