Fun A Day

hiFriday night saw the exclusive exhibition of work from Fun A Day Dundee, 2013. This was a project where the objective was to make a piece of work a day for each day in January, and to have FUN. And so we did.

My piece consisted of 31 acetate frenetic texts placed over 31 moleskin pages with colour coded squares of what I did that day. The result is actually quite a personal piece, which I’m not sure I like. I felt slightly exposed with it just hanging there.

A worthwhile show though and I’m not gonna ditch the piece. I definitely feel it should be altered in some way though.


Fun a Day





It was January in the (new) year, 2013

31 type on acetate and 31 coloured pencil on moleskin squared paper









For more info on Fun A Day, go to:


Opening Night

‘Relics of Attachment Part I’ is an exhibition I’ve been organising with some fellow Student Curatorial Team members. It features a collection of artwork inspired by the concept of nostalgia and sentimental objects.

Tonight was the introduction to this project. There was a lot of footfall, a lot of interest, and generally a good feeling all round.

Take a look at our work.

Relics of attachment


A – Lucas Battich, Amsterdam Lelylaan Schiphol // Edinburgh Glasgow   

pmsrelics numbers

B – Lisa Gordon, Promises Light

C – Vivienne Russell, Five Seasons       

D – Cathy O’Brien, Empty Packages

E – Rachael Disbury, Everything I know about him


This project took a lot of time and planning but I feel our work is paying off. I love the buzz of all this organising. Curating ain’t so bad.


     pmsrelics4   Installation


Audience Opening Night


Our Team
We’re hosting a meeting tomorrow to encourage other artists to submit work for Part II of this project. The 14th of February should see a larger exhibition presented in the Cooper Gallery. So there’s really no time to relax for us!

Get. Things. Done.

I’m not making resolutions this year. Last year I wanted to learn something. I learned many things actually, basic skills such as how to make a circular box and avoid drilling a hole into your left thumbnail, and then some more abstract lessons, lessons that the natural progression of a year provides.

But this year is just about survival. Get on with it. Keep breathing and don’t complain. Get it bloody done. Perhaps even make some noise while doing it. Take a train if you need to. Ask questions and work on answers.

So, to initiate this, tomorrow I will begin to look for my artists placement. Infact, I might as well look tonight. Get. Things. Done.

I’ll end with this photo taken on my iPhone on a train from Edinburgh arriving into Dundee. Its blurry and unrecognisable as the Tay. But I like it.

The Social Production of Space

Something about the back of a bus makes me want to sleep. Or not ‘want’ to, I don’t want to miss the landscape thats passing me – thats the reason I like to travel. But theres a pattern forming on these field trips that I get very drowsy inbetween stops. Our latest trip wasn’t actually that packed. Still worthwhile though.

We started out in Perth at Arthur’s studio where we met architect Fergus Purdie. He took us on a walk around Perth’s town centre to some ‘redundant spaces’. We talked about the social aspect of a derelict building, how peoples attitudes are very much involved with the fate of a building. If we think of something as useless, or outdated then it becomes reduntant through this social attitude. It is not the building itself that has become redundant, the building could still offer a variety on functions, people have just viewed it as reduntant and so therefore it is. Mmm making sense?

From there we went on to a cemetary (we seem to be hitting a lot of them), crossed a scary bridge that had a train track across it, and proceeded back to Dundee’s Balgay Park. The module trips have been good to get out of the studio and talk about ‘place’ in a more relevant setting. So far, I haven’t done a lot of practical work. This module so far has mostly had me reaidng, observing and notetaking. This is still productive and will lead to a more developed outcome I think.

The Undiscovered Landscape

What is a ‘place’?

This question seems to be as open as ‘what is art?’, in fact every question in art school seems to lack a concrete answer, and provoke more of a lengthy musing. Which is fun for me, cause I like to let my thoughts roam.

So yeah, the first installment of this module looks at theorizing place and history. We’re looking at folklore, the spaces people inhabit, changes in names and identity of place. A couple of weeks ago the group took a field trip making lots of stop around Blairgowrie, Pitlochry and Aberfeldy. The day was packed with things to see and consider.

We saw standing stones, drank from an ancient well, looked out onto vast waterfalls and visited the oldest living thing in Europe; a five thousand year old tree. Beats sitting in a dingy lecture theature nursing a lukewarm mocha.


Picture taken at the Black Linn Falls at the Hermitage in Dunkeld. As interesting as the history surrounding this place is, the pure experience of being there is the most entriguing part. The noise of the crashing water seems to separate you and the surrounding forest from the rest of the world. I could have spent all day there, listening and watching. I took some videos while there which could be a good start to a project. I’ve not sat down properly to think about where this project is going but I feel I need to somehow convey the feeling I got at this place.

Bellow are some more photographs of things seen on the trip. Old trees, funky mushrooms, galore!






I think this must be the first time I’ve ever finished an art piece before the deadline – two weeks before the deadline. Which confuses me. But I really do think I’ve taken it as far as I can for this brief. Hmm.

So I have three of these constructed cases with the inserts I’ve made and collected for them, plus a little sketchbook/photobook showing the process and outcome.  There’s a lot of work put into each case as well. And I feel I was quite resourceful, I’ve spent hours hacking up old wire coathangers, photocopying scraps of books and attaching hinges onto photo frames. Yep, I think that’ll do.

I’m pretty happy. And now I can relax for two weeks and enjoy my return to Dundee and the start of 3rd year. The prospect of 3rd year is frightening. But I’m just gonna dive in and make it work. Because it has to.

I’ll leave with mah bones 🙂 Got some pretty nice close ups of the detail on this project. There is some intricate stuff going on inside each case.