Assemblage. What’s that then?

Assemblage is an artistic process. In the visual arts, it consists of making a three-dimensional artistic composition from putting together found objects.

Riiight, so what I was doing all Summer then? Cool beans. Lets do more of that in third year. I’ve been thinking about a lot of different media, all centererd around the incorporation of found objects – assemblage. There’s an endless supply of materials out there. Fascinating objects with rich histories attached to them. I want to take these and adapt them, give them different signifficance and create something new.

A great example of this would be Joseph Cornell. I’ve actually been trying not to look too closely at his work because certain aspects seem very similiar to what I want to do. He makes intricate little worlds and scenarios packed into boxes.

I love his work, but I feel if I look into it too closely I’ll be almost too influenced by him, since I too am looking to ‘make worlds in boxes’, but I want it to be my own and develop naturally. So I’m going to stubbornly return my Cornell books to the library…

This year at DoJ our time is being split in half to allow us to work on two separate projects. The ‘Studio Module’ is time to focus on self-directed work, we’re given complete freedom with this. The ‘Elective Module’ provides a more specific influence, with lectures and studies on a chosen subject. My chosen module is entitled ‘the Undiscovered Landscape’.

At first, I was slightly skeptical about the prospect of simultaneous projects. However, upon voicing this with Arthur Watson I was told, “realistically, as a working artist, you might be working on eight different projects at once, going to eight different countries.”, so that shut me up. And so far I’m on track. I can handle this…