Dissertation Done

The 14th of January has come and gone. I never imagined a life after this date. And here I am.

And here it is.

I ended up enjoying writing it… I think. I like writing in general. And it has kind of motivated me in the area of practical work too. There’s so much going on this year already. Expect lengthy blogs.

The Christmas holidays were a little bit anticlimactic. I spent my weeks off either working, ill in bed with flu, or writing the dissertation. However, I managed to get my annual painting done. A great benefit of being a creative person at Christmas is that even when you’re skint, there’s gift ideas.

And now Christmas is done, and I’m into my final semester at Duncan of Jordanstone.

So 2013, lets have you.

Park This, Garden That

The final project of first year. The brief instructed us to go around and explore Dundees parks, from large gardens, to zoos and little playparks. Monday was a fun day going round the parks and I saw more of Dundee than I’ve ever seen before. The Zoo was a bit depressing and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone to be honest. But I got what I needed for my project and so far its going great.

I’d previously researched an artist, Howard Hodgkin, his work came back to me after seeing the bright wooden structures of the playparks. He uses vibrant colours and incorcorates the frames of his work into the piece itself.  I also love his view on painting,

“Don’t paint the thing itself; paint the effect it produces.”

“I would like to paint pictures where people didn’t care what anything was, because they were so enveloped by them.”


His work has such an energy to it and I really wanted to try something similiar with the use of frames. So after going round the charity shops and finding some old framed pictures, I finally got to paint again after a few weeks without it.

Thats me being all happy and painty. I love being covered in paint again, and getting to stand at an easel all day and singing along to Dylan while I work. I still cant believe this is my education, its amazing. I tried not to come up with a really heavy concept for this project, I wanted to keep it free and impulsive, and so far I think its working.

These are a couple of the frames I’m working on top of. They’re still works in progress. Im planning to keep layering and layering paint onto them as next week goes on. I think I’ll have around five or so abstract paintings by the end of this project. I can’t wait to get back to it next week and see how it progresses. 🙂

More Doors

To be honest, I really can’t explain the fascination with doors. Thats why I find presenting my work difficult sometimes. I feel like I have the explanation and sometimes I can almost get it into words, but its never right, its never what I actually mean to say. I do think when I paint, its not as if I just randomly started drawing doorways, the thought process is evident in my sketchbook. It’s just hard to describe, and I don’t really like having to describe it, I wish the work would just speak for itself and there would be no need for explanation. I’m not good with words really, I just paint.

This is another acrylic piece, as most of my folio is. I like how the doorway forms a frame round the painting. I also like the transparancy of the brown door and how you see beyond it. This is a simple piece drawn from a view within Larbert High. The lines are clean cut and the colours bold and more blocked than my usual style. Following this blocked style I went on to develop an abstract piece where I overlapped another corridor image on top of this image of the doors.

This is perhaps my favourite piece. Partly because its different from what I usually do and partly for the memory of doing it. It was painted in January and if I remember correctly it was painted to Julia Nunes. I hadn’t painted in weeks, having stopped at the end of 2008, the folio was stressing me out. And then I just got paints out one night and this was the result, it was great after having not done anything in a while. We have to present a sheet at freshers week for all the art students to see each others work, I might use this.