Dissertation Done

The 14th of January has come and gone. I never imagined a life after this date. And here I am.

And here it is.

I ended up enjoying writing it… I think. I like writing in general. And it has kind of motivated me in the area of practical work too. There’s so much going on this year already. Expect lengthy blogs.

The Christmas holidays were a little bit anticlimactic. I spent my weeks off either working, ill in bed with flu, or writing the dissertation. However, I managed to get my annual painting done. A great benefit of being a creative person at Christmas is that even when you’re skint, there’s gift ideas.

And now Christmas is done, and I’m into my final semester at Duncan of Jordanstone.

So 2013, lets have you.

Get. Things. Done.

I’m not making resolutions this year. Last year I wanted to learn something. I learned many things actually, basic skills such as how to make a circular box and avoid drilling a hole into your left thumbnail, and then some more abstract lessons, lessons that the natural progression of a year provides.

But this year is just about survival. Get on with it. Keep breathing and don’t complain. Get it bloody done. Perhaps even make some noise while doing it. Take a train if you need to. Ask questions and work on answers.

So, to initiate this, tomorrow I will begin to look for my artists placement. Infact, I might as well look tonight. Get. Things. Done.

I’ll end with this photo taken on my iPhone on a train from Edinburgh arriving into Dundee. Its blurry and unrecognisable as the Tay. But I like it.

It’s All Over Now

2011 had its ups and downs, as all years do, but was still a little bit amazing. I always get quite sad at new year, I’m not a fan of change and the future scares me frankly. So all I can say is “bring on 2012” and hope for the best.

This year is dissertation year, start of degree show plans, figuring out what I want to do with my life… This is a little bit much for my head to take right now, so lets take it one step at a time. A new project to get into shall suffice for now. I got good grades for my work this past semester, but I want better. So I’ll get better.

My feedback seemed mostly positive. They advised me to look at some examples of architecture and try to incorporate old with new, rather than just ‘old’. I’ll have to think about that one. My wardrobe project in particular was met with enthusiasm from the tutors. However, I was told that if I’d made one change, I would have got a whole grade better. Which sucks to hear but at the same time, I kind of already knew this, I just didn’t have the guts to go ahead and make that change. The opinion was that if my piece had simply been an empty wardrobe on a bed of berries it would have said so much more. I was too scared to do this. I tried to highlight the point I was trying to make by putting empty jars inside my once-empty wardrobe, to comment on empty space. But they’re right, I should have left it alone. Need to take more risks and get some confidence.