Is it sad that my break from art is art?

After finishing my project last night I’ve spent most of today painting. For fun I guess. Really I’m just putting off important things like filling in a new passport form and packing up my room for my return to Dundee.

Painting annoys me a lot of the time. But it has its moments. I always saw myself as a painter, then I got sucked into all this installation stuff. Maybe I just don’t have much faith in my paintings. It’s still nice to spend a couple of hours getting lost with it though.



I was feeling purple.

Possibly I need a hobby. My plans to learn to drive/learn a language/learn an instrument this year haven’t really taken off. I guess hoarding could be my hobby… ‘collecting’ might make it sound less obsessive. Though it’s a bit obsessive. The not being able to bin a chicken carcass kind of proved that.



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