More Doors

To be honest, I really can’t explain the fascination with doors. Thats why I find presenting my work difficult sometimes. I feel like I have the explanation and sometimes I can almost get it into words, but its never right, its never what I actually mean to say. I do think when I paint, its not as if I just randomly started drawing doorways, the thought process is evident in my sketchbook. It’s just hard to describe, and I don’t really like having to describe it, I wish the work would just speak for itself and there would be no need for explanation. I’m not good with words really, I just paint.

This is another acrylic piece, as most of my folio is. I like how the doorway forms a frame round the painting. I also like the transparancy of the brown door and how you see beyond it. This is a simple piece drawn from a view within Larbert High. The lines are clean cut and the colours bold and more blocked than my usual style. Following this blocked style I went on to develop an abstract piece where I overlapped another corridor image on top of this image of the doors.

This is perhaps my favourite piece. Partly because its different from what I usually do and partly for the memory of doing it. It was painted in January and if I remember correctly it was painted to Julia Nunes. I hadn’t painted in weeks, having stopped at the end of 2008, the folio was stressing me out. And then I just got paints out one night and this was the result, it was great after having not done anything in a while. We have to present a sheet at freshers week for all the art students to see each others work, I might use this.

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