The best way to spend two days

Every year my old school has an annual prizegiving for various student achievements. Theres always a guest speaker and he’s always presented with a painting as thanks. Its always a 6th year that gets to do this painting and since I was getting the art prize, I got to paint it. Our Rector was also leaving this year, so there was a second painting to be done for him.

I was told about this around March, plenty of time to prepare for the occasion that wasn’t til June.  But of course, the concept of a school painting didn’t seem very thrilling to me and I pushed it to the end of my to-do list. Two days before the paintings were to be handed in for framing, I decided it might be a good idea to actually start them 🙂

So all day Wednesday and all day Thursday I stayed on my bedroom floor and painted. I hadn’t painted in a while, not since my folio had been submitted. It was the best two days ever. Thats when I discovered that Bob Dylan is awesome to paint to.

My studio 🙂 I’m gonna miss my bedroom floor when I go to Dundee. Sounds like a strange thing to miss. But its where I work best. I’m quite chuffed that I got those paintings done in the time, like I’ve said before, its better to do a painting in one sitting rather than over a larger space of time.

The one on the left was for our rector and on the right was for Lex Gold, chairman of the SPL. It was very embarassing carrying the paintings up on stage to present, I’d rather stay hidden and let people just see the work rather than me, but I managed ok. The prizegiving was a fun night actually, the last night my friends and I were all in school uniform together :).

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