The Corridor

To help with my portfolio,  I went to classes at Edinburgh College of Art. I love the Fine Art building there, especially the Sculpture court with its pillars and open spaces. This tied in with the theme of doorways in my portfolio, the image of a long corrider with a door at the end. The sketch for this was done with charcoal and water,  and took about an hour. This was a very early sketch from last August and one of the first studies attempted of a doorway. It was also around the time I discovered the wonders of charcoal…

The final painting of the corridor was done a long time after, it was one of the last additions to my portfolio. This painting is a favourite of mine. There were two other versions of this, one in charcoal which was kind of dull and lifeless, and the other in brown tones which just didn’t work at all. I had a good time with this version, its larger than most of my other stuff which I found fun as I got to work with housebrushes more 🙂

I don’t actually consider this piece to be finished, the silhouettes are rough and need some work, but I don’t think I’ll go back to it. I don’t like adding to paintings long after I’ve done them. It’s better done all in one sitting, preferably on my bedroom floor with bob dylan playing and a big jar of millions to keep me company. good times.

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One thought on “The Corridor

  1. Hey

    I like the pillars in the corrider and the colours on them – they look really neat and real 🙂

    And the discovery of charcoal reminds me of the discovery of ‘man-made’ charcoal in the forest!


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