Design Scares Me

I’ve aways loved the freedom of Fine Art, being able to express whatever I want in whatever way I choose, with no specfic purpose. When it comes to fulfilling a requirement, such as advertising an event, I panic a little. However, this year I’ve gained more experience in design, and I’ve realised that it can be expressive as well. I’m actually looking forward to learning more about design when i start art school. My course being a general first year course, where I get to try different areas of art, I figured my submission portfolio should have examples of design work.

The poster design I submitted in my portfolio was fairly last-minute but I’m glad I included it. The poster is designed for a Picasso exhibition, an event I made up to suit the image. The main focus of the design is the ink surrounding the other images. This was done during a class on an introduction to stained glass. A window pane was inked up and then drawn into to create a variety of different shapes and lines.

These images were then printed onto newspaer. The image above was printed onto a newspaper article showing a soldier against a red background, it was acually an advertisement for ‘Valkyrie’.  The black against the red was striking and this led to the creation of a poster design using the soldier to inspire a theme. Pablo Picasso often expressed his political views through his work, for example ‘Guernica’ was painted in 1937 and depicts the horrors of the Spannish Civil War. This is the reason for his name being used in the title of an exhibition on political paintings. His name and work are very well known and so this aspect of the design is important in advertising the event.

The newspaper print was scanned and then edited on phototshop incorporating text and other war images. This was the first time I’d really used photoshop, I should thank Mr. H for helping me edit this. Hopefully art school will help to enhance my skills in design.

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