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Can I preserve a banana peel?

I’m trying to. It’s an experiment. The banana itself is not overly significant. For the purposes of the task it works well though. A banana is an everyday consumable object, the peal is the trace. I want to hang onto the trace and see if it is in my power to keep something that naturally decays and fades. I want to make note of the measures I have to go to to hang onto this thing that wants to age.

I have the question. And the answer will be a process.

It’s becoming a custom for my friends/tutors/studiomates to gift my desk with their peels. It’s nice, sort of like getting mail.


One thought on “A Question

  1. Dry it with silica jel (the little beads of jel inside paper packets used in packaging). You might get away with using rice for this.

    Then apply a varnish to it. You can either paint it on or maybe a spray on matt varnish, as used by wargamers to protect their miniatures once they’re painted.

    Would have to be dry for the varnish though, or you’ll still get decay underneath.

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