Liverpool Biennial

It was Reading Week last week. I didn’t read. I went to Liverpool though. The Liverpool Biennial is currently on, basically a huge art festival including the works of 242 artists spanning over 27 locations. It was packed.¬†As well as the vast selection of art I was able to view, I also found time to visit the Cavern Club, do a bit of vintage shopping, drink questionable cocktails, and generally have a nice break with some good people.

It was very refreshing seeing artworks from lesser-known artists that I’d never seen before, while still getting to visit the Tate and be impressed by works I’d only previously seen pictures of in books. There was a lot of good art. Vague statement I know… Art that makes you think, that provokes a reaction, in a variety of mediums too. I want to do this sort of thing more often. Getting out of Dundee for a couple of days was bliss, sometimes the studio can just get a bit stifling. Again, this has just reinforced that I need to get going somewhere, keep seeing things.

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