Hello ‘A’, I’ve Missed You

This is the part where I gloat. Its been another nonstop week. Monday and Tuesday saw the feedback for the semesters practical work and the written introduction to dissertation work. And I received ‘A’s on both counts.

I know its art and its never black and white or right and wrong as its often based on opinion and is very subjective. I know I shouldn’t place too much importance on the academic grade. And I know that my 3rd year grade will have nothing to do with my final degree.

But I’m HAPPY.

I’ve always been quite proud about grades and I always set high standards for myself. So its good to finally get this recognition. And such great feedback really gives me a boost to put everything into 4th year.

4th year… Theres a scary thought. After realisingĀ I’d soon have to add a 4th year link on my blog, I had a mini-freak out. Deep breaths. It was the same odd feeling as when I cleared out my 3rd year studio and looked up to see this…

‘eek’ seems to be a fitting expression.

Yet another shock to the system has come with helping in degree show preparation this past week. Each 3rd year was assigned to a 4th year as their personal helper. I spent the week painting walls, scrubbing floors, drilling holes and running errands. It was great to see what goes on in that week of the 4th year deadline, theres such an energy in the building! I wish my 4th year the best of luck and am keeping my fingers crossed I get a good wee helper next year.

So yeah… Thats it. It’s all done for now. I can look forward to an arty trip to Berlin, many a summer adventure and the occasional long lie. And then it’s 4th year.

One thought on “Hello ‘A’, I’ve Missed You

  1. Congratulations Rachael! You should be proud of yourself- hard work, commitment, long hours have been rewarded. Should add very sore hands and lots of coffees to that list!
    Well done
    Mum and Dad x

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