I got bored.

So I took photos. Of incense. Yay.

I’m totally choking from all the smoke and can’t actually breathe but ohwell. Basically its just an incense burner in front of my black bed sheet, but it kept me occupied for an hour or so. I’m probably gonna do something painty with them 🙂

I like watching smoke, as weird as that sounds. I’ve been taking an art break the past few weeks, just having fun in Dundee with the flatmates, but I’d like to start a wee project now that I’m back in Larbert 🙂

By the way, I passed first year and got accepted into 2nd year Fine Art. Yay.

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what now?

So all the studio work for first year is over. All I have to do now is hand in my portfolio. So now I’m just a bit restless really, with nothing to do. I actually do have a lot of art still to do for the folio but I seem to just be sitting about watching Colin Firth movies. Which is an odd thing for me. So yeah I don’t really have anything to blog about having not really done anything in over a week. I have drank a lot of tea though.

I’ll just throw in an image to make this post worthwhile. The result of my last project ‘Park This, Garden That’. Ta-Dah!

Yeah, I’m away to make some tea.

Park This, Garden That

The final project of first year. The brief instructed us to go around and explore Dundees parks, from large gardens, to zoos and little playparks. Monday was a fun day going round the parks and I saw more of Dundee than I’ve ever seen before. The Zoo was a bit depressing and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone to be honest. But I got what I needed for my project and so far its going great.

I’d previously researched an artist, Howard Hodgkin, his work came back to me after seeing the bright wooden structures of the playparks. He uses vibrant colours and incorcorates the frames of his work into the piece itself.  I also love his view on painting,

“Don’t paint the thing itself; paint the effect it produces.”

“I would like to paint pictures where people didn’t care what anything was, because they were so enveloped by them.”


His work has such an energy to it and I really wanted to try something similiar with the use of frames. So after going round the charity shops and finding some old framed pictures, I finally got to paint again after a few weeks without it.

Thats me being all happy and painty. I love being covered in paint again, and getting to stand at an easel all day and singing along to Dylan while I work. I still cant believe this is my education, its amazing. I tried not to come up with a really heavy concept for this project, I wanted to keep it free and impulsive, and so far I think its working.

These are a couple of the frames I’m working on top of. They’re still works in progress. Im planning to keep layering and layering paint onto them as next week goes on. I think I’ll have around five or so abstract paintings by the end of this project. I can’t wait to get back to it next week and see how it progresses. 🙂

Here Comes the Sun

Yay 🙂 Its sunny and its also rainy and I’m feeling painty… overall this leads to happy times. This also means that my first year of art college is nearly over. Thats right, this two week block is my last project for first year at DOJ. Scary how fast it goes. Its not over yet though, the folios still to be put together and handed in. Theres a lot of work to be done for it, paintings to be redone and retouched, we get three weeks for an easter break before we have to hand them in though so I should manage.

The Seeing Body project from a few weeks ago is a piece I’m actually looking forward to going back to. I was never really happy with the final outcome and ended up liking the development work more than the final, so it’ll be good to work into the final some more and get it how I wanted it.

This is a sheet of initial colour studies for the project. The piece was based on some pictures I took on a daytrip to Loch Lomand. The outcome after three weeks of work is shown below, but like I said I’m not yet happy with it.

Semester two has been up and down for me. Overall I think I’ve done alright though and I’ve decided to pursue fine art next year. Painting is the only thing that really feels right and I think I’ve been putting myself at a disadvantage by trying to get away from it a bit this semester. I tried Illustration last block and although I don’t regret trying it, I just don’t think its for me. So I’ll try for fine art and see if they take me. 🙂

Myth is a Female Moth

Ye so this project brief was very ‘wordy’ which didn’t go well with my paranoia that I’ve been losing brain cells lately. Thats a story for another day though. Overall I found this project really enjoyable, often challenging but also thought provoking. I’m actually not disgusted with the results, bonus.

So, quick explanation of the concept. Myth is a female moth – taking something huge and important and making it tiny, is a very basic way of explaining what I got from that brief. I wanted to look at the idea of miniature paintings. When you go into the National Gallery on Princes Street there are huge monumental paintings of important people, but does the scale of these paintings make them better, more significant?

Even in the studio, sometimes its an automatic thought that a large scale painting will draw the most attention and therefore the most credit. So I wanted to look at miniatures to challenge this. The idea of lockets came to mind. Up until around the 18th century lockets with portraits of loved ones would be given as a token of affection. These were sentimental and important, yet tiny. The modern equivalent would be carrying around a photo of something in a wallet.

I wanted to take lockets and fill them with images and tokens to represent things that were important to me. After much stress with ebay and a lot of ‘hair pulling moment’s at lunch, it came together.

I don’t know if that explanation is very clear. Its just my head.

You really have to see it and handle the lockets to see the detail. There are mini paintings of friends and family in lockets and tiny frames, also clippings of train/cinema tickets and stamps etc. In a couple of compartments are miniature envelopes, each is addressed to a specific memory and inside is something to signify that memory. Its all very personal.

I’m quite chuffed with the mini paintings, they were painted small with a magnifying glass and a tiny brush and then shrunk down even smaller using Photoshop.

I seem to have a lot of text in this post so I’ll stop before I completely over do it. But I would like to thank my dad for delivering the display case for this project to Dundee, and to Kirsty for staying up and helping me make the frames when I was freaking out.

I’d appreciate some opinions…?

So Many Deadlines.

Ok, well actually only two deadlines, but thats still a lot for a Friday afternoon.

Last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with art, ok I know I say that all the time but this is my blog and I’m allowed to exaggerate, but yeah it was more hectic than usual. After two previous projects of feeling a bit ‘bleh’ about my outcomes, I decided to really go for it.

This first post is a project we were given 6 weeks to do at home in our own time. We were given a piece of white A1 paper and a Bic Fine pen and told to grow a drawing.


Thats really all I have to say about that 🙂


Yep its finally clicked, though I probably shouldnt say that so confidantly. What I mean is, the art feels good again, went through a very negative few weeks with my work but I think I’m back on track. Fingers crossed.

Went on a study trip to Edinburgh yesterday to see all the galleries. Portrait Award was particularly memorable, I’d recommend anyone to go see it if they’re in the city anytime soon. Went to National Museum of Scotland for the first time in ages as well. It was weird being back there, I used to sit and sketch so much in that place, a portion of my entrance portfolio was from studies made there.

Strange looking back. This is one of the only pieces I really like from my old folio yet I don’t remember thinking much of it when it was done. Its a view within the National Museum. I think its just the limited colour and simple shapes I like, its different from a lot of the other work I did in sixth year.

Anyway so this projects going well, still a week to go so still a lot of work to be done. Monday will be the start of a working week, no extra coffee breaks or going home early!
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You take the high road…

Last week was bad. I just had no inspiration at all and was generally just in a strange mood which does affect the work. It shall now be known as The-Week-We’ll-Never-Mention-Again.

And now I can move on 🙂

Went a trip to Loch Lomand today, its lovely up there. Fresh air helped clear my head a bit. My dad says we should climb one of the big hills there sometime, I think that would be fun. I took a few photos today but they really don’t do the landscape justice. I’m thinking I’d like to base a painting on this at some point. Just an idea.

Feel I’m ready to dive into next weeks ‘The Seeing Body’ project now. It’ll be my first official Fine Art project, so thats exciting. Tis a 3 week project, it’ll be less of a rush and I can develop it more that usual. I’ve got a couple of ideas but nothing fully formed yet. I’ll need to get some Dr Pepper and sit down and brainstorm. 🙂

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Self-Portrait, End Result

I’m actually sick of the sight of my own face.

Ok so the day by day updates ended when I started getting sick of this thing. But its done, or as done as I can do. I’ve looked at it too long and I just can’t bear to keep fixing what needs done. So it will just have to be finished. Hmm I’m not making it sound great am I?

Whoever can be bothered counting how many heads there are gets a prize.

Self-Portrait, Day 4

Hooray 🙂 It’s finally clicking.

Tonights been great, I’ve been painting for about five hours and its finally flowing. I’m so pleased that I’m getting into this project now and looking forward to seeing it finished.

I’ve had such a good night just listening to podcasts and covering canvas.

Its different from my initial idea but I think its turning out better than I’d imagined. Fingers crossed that its still flowing tomorrow.

Its 2am now so I should probably sleep, really want to stay up and keep going but its probably better to take a break.

Peace out 🙂